109 people injured in earthquake in Azerbaijan


On March 4, two earthquakes measuring 5.7 and 5.9 magnitude struck the western Azerbaijani province and left 109 injured.

Spotnik – On Sunday, March 4, two earthquakes measuring 5.7 magnitude and 5.9 magnitude struck the western Azerbaijani province and left 109 injured.

Morteza Salimi, head of the Red Crescent Society, told the Sputnik correspondent in Tehran about the earthquake of yesterday in West Azerbaijan province:

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck Khoy and Qattar at 9:22 am March 4, in West Azerbaijan Province, and then at 19:30 the same day another 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck the same areas. The tremors in West Azerbaijan affected Khoy, parts of Qatto, Firooz and Salmas County, and its aftershocks affected more than 97 aftershocks with over 2.5 aftershocks.

He added:

According to the Emergency Situations Organization, there were 109 people injured in the earthquake, 76 of whom were transferred to medical centers, two of which were transferred by the Red Crescent, 33 were treated on an outpatient basis, again two by the population. The Red Crescent suffered the most damage from the earthquake in the villages of Mir Amar, Grenavik, Makhin, Zari, Chalian, Qatar, Kutanabad, Abash, Upper and Lower, Ravi and Tera Abad.

The head of the Red Crescent Society’s rescue organization described the actions taken by the Red Crescent Society:

We have activated all operational control and coordination centers of the provincial capital and the rescue organization, called on certain branches of the Khoy district in the south of the province, called and dispatched 10 operational teams from East Azerbaijan Province, as well as a helicopter for aerial evaluation. We were sent to the area to get a more detailed account of the damage and conditions in the area, downloaded biological and food items from the Chaldaran, Poldasht, Shaw, Maku and central provinces and sent them to the required areas.

Concerning the biological and food items sent to the Qatar earthquake zone, he added:

2504 tents, 340 carpets, 4230 blankets, 118 flames, 1050 72-hour packages, 300 canned cans, 60kg of laundry powder, and 60 lentils, sugar and sugar each packed to the thickness area.

Mr. Morteza Salimi described the items distributed in the villages of Taras Abad, Abbas Alia, Abbas Sofli, Ravian and Chalian:

After the earthquake 242 tents, 224 blankets in the villages of Mir Amar 92 tents, Kotanabad 66 tents and 80 blankets, Grenavik 84 tents and 144 blankets

We have distributed 98 and 35 active teams, 177 personnel, and 59 on-site and off-site vehicles are assisting earthquakes in these areas.

At the end he stated:

We are in constant contact with the Meteorological Agency’s Rapid Alert Center, the Roads Management Center, and the Ministry of Health’s Emergency Management and Operations Center, and we have launched emergency response and resettlement programs in the affected areas.

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