Zverev kept his promise and donated money for the fires in Australia


Although losing today’s semifinals, Alexander Zverev sent a wonderful Australian Open, which for the first time in his career found a place among the top 4 in the Grand Slam.

He gave up a 1-3 set to Dominic Teams, but despite the disappointment after the match itself, Zverev was quick to announce that he had not forgotten his promise to Australia.

It was given before the tournament, when the German tennis player said that if he won, he would donate the entire prize pool.

The amount is $ 2.85 million, but unfortunately for the Australians, Zverev will not win. However, he also said that if he did not win, he would donate $ 10,000 to each of his victories.

Zverev recorded 5 victories on Melbourne courts, which means that $ 50,000 will go to Australia’s fire victims.

I have always said that money is not important to me. My parents taught me that you have to help them with others who actually need them. I hope this amount will help to some extent.

It would be nice to make millions of dollars – maybe buy a few cars or something. But there are people who actually need them to rebuild their homes and restore wildlife. It is much more important that they take these pairsand, “he declared.


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