YouTube’s open war against Iran


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Following the revelation of an English newspaper about how Press TV was using its account to spread messages in support of Iran and anti-Israel, YouTube removed the Iranian media account in the UK.

An English newspaper has confessed to shutting down the PressTV account for publishing material in support of Iran and against Israel.

The Times has since deleted the Iranian media account in Britain about how Press TV is using its account to spread messages in support of Iran and anti-Israel after the newspaper’s revelation.

According to the Press TV UK channel’s YouTube channel, which had published thousands of videos and had subscribed to it, it was inactive and deleted a few days after the assassination of Qassim Commander Qassim Suleimani, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Other social media outlets, including Instagram, have also deleted users’ photos of Sardar Suleimani in recent weeks.

This is the first time that YouTube has attempted to delete Press TV accounts. Press TV’s Web site and social media manager said earlier that she had protested the media to YouTube but had never received a response.

Experts say such social networking practices call into question their claims that they see their goals as the basis for presenting different views.


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