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Ostend / Bruges –
A youth match between KSK Steenbrugge and KV Oostende ended on a fight just after the match on Wednesday evening. The police eventually had to intervene. Players, trainers and parents became involved in the skirmish. Extra painful: KSK Steenbrugge was positively in the news a few years ago because they placed a sign on the side of the field with a sporty appeal to the parents.

The U17 of KSK Steenbrugge and KV Oostende competed on Wednesday evening in the Daverlopark in Assebroek. It was a tough game, but it will not be remembered before the result or the game. However, because a fight broke out after the last whistle. A discussion had arisen between a few Ostend players and various parents of the home team. “We went down with different patrols to calm down the moods,” confirms Lien Depoorter, spokeswoman for the Bruges police.

The game was finished around 9.30 p.m. The final score was 1-1 and there had been discussion about a red card for a player from Ostend. According to various explanations, the parents of some Steenbrugge players would have verbally challenged Ostend footballers for a while. Shortly after the last whistle, that led to a confrontation.

More than 15 fighters

From yelling it eventually turned into pushing and pulling. A supporter present saw the situation escalate and informed the police. “We were notified that more than 15 people were fighting,” the spokeswoman said. “So we sent several teams on the spot.”

Both teams are very bored with the situation. KSK Steenbrugge was positively in the news a few years ago because they placed a sign on the side of the field with a very sporty appeal to the parents. That board then went through youth football like a wildfire. But now they are less positive in the news.

“Verbally challenged”

“In such a story there are simply no winners. This is terrible for youth football and no advertising for both clubs, “says Pascal Fontaine, the Bruges youth president. “The truth about the incident must be somewhere in the middle. I am satisfied that nobody was injured, but we will also address all those involved internally. I have already been in contact with some people from Ostend, because we do not want this to linger. ”

The same story also sounds at KV Oostende. They deeply regret the incident. “This is not what youth football stands for. We were indeed in contact with Steenbrugge and are now awaiting the police report. If it shows that players from us were involved, we will address them and take the necessary sanctions, “says spokesman Bram Keirsebilck. “We heard that they were verbally challenged by some parents of the opponent. That is of course very unfortunate. But still they can’t go wrong. ”


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