Wuhan Coronavirus Hospital Built In Only 2 Days (Video)


An empty building was transformed and equipped with a 1,000-bed hospital to combat coronavirus for a record 48 hours in Wuhan, the epicenter of the deadly epidemic. A video showing the hospital posting on its website Daily Mail today.

It was reported that the building had to be converted into a 1,000-bed medical center in 10 days, but Chinese experts were able to achieve this in just two days.

More than 500 builders, electricians and police officers worked around the clock to equip the premises of the medical complex.

China already had a similar experience in 2003. A hospital to combat SARS was built in Beijing within a week.

The photos show a well-equipped hospital and doctors ready to receive patients.

Another 1000-bed hospital is expected to open in Wuhan on Sunday, which will take 9 days to build.

Photo: YouTube sceenshot

A total of 4 coronavirus clinics are being built at a rate known only in China using prefabricated panel structures.

So far, 132 people have died from the complications of the infection, with almost all of them coming from Hubei Province with the Wuhan administrative center.

According to recent data, the dangerous virus has infected more than 6,000 people in China and other countries. In China, 5974 have been infected, 8 in Hong Kong and 8 in Macau. 5. Infection cases have already been identified in Thailand (14), Singapore (10), Taiwan (8), Malaysia (7), Japan (7), Australia. (7), United States (5), South Korea (4), France (4), Germany (4), Canada (3), Vietnam (2), UAE (4), Nepal (1), Cambodia (1) and Sri Lanka (1).

Finland also confirmed today the first case of a coronavirus. The Helsinki-based Swedish-language newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet reports that it is a Wuhan tourist who has visited Lapland. The patient was quarantined at Rovaniemi Central Hospital after developing symptoms and seeking medical attention. About 15 people can be exposed to the virus.


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