WHO: The world “must be alert”


“The whole world needs to be on the lookout” to fight the coronavirus, said the head of the World Health Organization’s Emergency Health Program.

First coronavirus case in Finland

Dr Mike Ryan praised China’s reaction to the outbreak of the deadly outbreak, saying: “The challenge is great, but the reaction has been large.”

The WHO will convene in a meeting tomorrow to discuss whether the virus poses a global threat to world health, according to BGNES.

The Chinese city of Wuhan is the epicenter of the outbreak, but the virus has spread from China to at least 16 countries worldwide, including Thailand, France, the United States and Australia.

Taxi driver chases a passenger arriving from Wuhan from his car (VIDEO)

More than 130 people have died in China and nearly 6,000 have been infected.

There is no specific cure or vaccine. However, a number of people have recovered from treatment.

Dr Ryan said an international team of experts is coming together to travel to China to work with local experts and learn more about how the disease is transmitted.

The WHO director-general, who visited China this week, said that most people who contracted the virus suffered only “milder complications”, but about 20% had severe pneumonia and respiratory failure.

REAL-TIME: Track how and where the coronavirus spreads?

He said China “needs global solidarity and support” and that “the world is uniting to end the epidemic, drawing on the experience of dealing with previous epidemics.”


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