What will the weather be like in February?


At the beginning of the month the sun rises at 7 hours and 42 minutes and sets at 17 hours and 38 minutes. The length of the day is 9 hours and 55 minutes. At the end of the month the sun rises at 7 hours and 04 minutes and It leaves at 18 h and 14 min. The day length is 11 h and 09 min.

The moon phases during the month are: 2.02 – first quarter, 9.02 – full moon, 16.02 – last quarter and 23.02 – new moon.

An ecologist pointed to the dangers of a winter without snow

Climate report:

The increase in day length in February leads to an increase in sunshine and a decrease in gloomy days. Usually the snow cover in the plains is permanent and rainfall is low. Characteristic of the month is the high dynamics of the atmosphere, which is the reason for the dramatic changes in the weather. Occasionally, intense Arctic air invasions, snowstorms and colds are observed. In such circumstances, the sea on the Black Sea happened to freeze. In other cases, anomalous warming, the harbinger of spring, is observed in invasions from the Mediterranean.

LONG-TERM FORECAST: What will be the weather until the end of winter?


This year the average monthly temperature is expected to be around and above the norm, which in Northern Bulgaria and high fields is from 0 ° to 2 °, in Southern Bulgaria and on the Black Sea – between 2 ° and 5 °, and in the mountains – between minus 8 ° and minus 3 °. The lowest temperatures during the month will be between minus 10 ° and minus 5 ° and the highest will be between 17 ° and 22 °.

The monthly precipitation will be around and below the norm, which for the plains is between 30 and 50 mm, in the mountains – between 40 and 70 mm, for the Rila-Rhodope massif and Strandzha from 60 to 100 mm.

During the first ten days, temperatures will be higher than usual, although they will drop significantly in the last days of the period. There is a chance for more places in the second half of the period, and by the end of the ten days in northern Bulgaria and higher fields the rain will turn to snow.

During the second decade, the dynamics of atmospheric processes will be enhanced. Temperatures will drop further and be close to normal. There will be frequent rainfall: in northern Bulgaria – mostly from snow, and in the south and along the Black Sea – from rain.

And in the last ten days it will remain dynamic and variable, with temperatures close to loved ones.

Chance of precipitation is around the 22nd, the 25th and the end of the month.


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