What are the obstacles that prevent the Syrian army from entering Idlib?


After the advancement of the Syrian armed forces in the town of Ma`rat al-Numan, in the Idlib governorate, the last stronghold of armed groups on Syrian lands close to Turkish lands, many questions arise about the barriers and obstacles that prevent the invasion of the province, and the fate of the armistice agreements signed in “Sochi” under Russian auspices , And opportunities for a peaceful option.

Ammar al-Assad, head of the Syrian People’s Assembly’s Foreign Relations Committee, told Sputnik that the army is continuing its military operations in Idlib to defeat terrorism, and countries that support terrorism must recalculate their accounts and facilitate the work of the constitutional committee they are placing obstacles in front of.

The head of the Foreign Relations Committee added that the Syrian state continues to liberate the country from terrorism in two tracks, combating terrorism and the political process. The state supports the constitutional work and at the same time adheres to its constitutional constants, which the West is trying to reach with them.

Al-Assad continued: “As we defeated terrorism in the field, we will defeat it in all the conditions that it imposes, which they are trying to pass through some of the poisoned ideas that they send to the pro-negotiation delegation, whom they call its opponents.”

The head of the Foreign Relations Committee stressed that “the West does not want the Syrian army to move forward, and every time there is political or military murmurs they send us the UN envoy to Syria Pederson, to see whether we are subject to their conditions or not, we will not submit to any condition and we will stick to our national principles, and the victor is Who imposes its conditions, we do not want anything but the independence of our national decision, the integrity of our land and the unity of our people. “

For his part, Major General Mohammed Abbas, the Syrian military and strategic expert, told “Sputnik”: “The choice or political solution is always in place, because we always seek to restore the Syrian citizens and liberate them from terrorism, which they use as hostages and human shields in the hands of armed groups, and our Russian allies are seriously looking for a peace option.” The political option, but the problem on the Turkish side, which seeks to control the region politically, geographically and militarily. “

The military expert added: It seems that the Turkish side can implement the “Sochi” peace agreement in Idlib, but it does not want it because it conflicts with its interests, so the Syrian national decision and in coordination with our Russian allies was the military option is the only solution now, but the peaceful option is still available Before these groups to lay down their arms and return to the Turkish lands from which they came, the Syrian state seeks to regain its land without armed conflict and to liberate the Syrians and return them to the safer areas.

Abbas stressed that the military option is now the most appropriate for terrorists who are only fluent in the language of death. The Syrian forces are now advancing in Ma`rat al-Numan and in a number of directions, and I believe that the results will lead to harvesting and drying the armed presence from Idlib governorate.

Regarding the obstacles that stand in front of the Syrian army to liberate the entire Idlib governorate, the military expert said: “There are many obstacles in front of the Syrian army despite the psychological collapse of the defense lines of the armed elements, the most important of which is the nature of geography towards the Jabal Zawiyah area and the tree-covered areas that allow armed groups to improve their defensive positions, which It impedes the progress of the Syrian forces, in addition to Turkish logistical support using anti-tank media. “

The military expert pointed out that the most important obstacle hindering the Syrian army to the heart of Idlib is the preservation of the civilian population because they are our people and our children, knowing that the forces of the Syrian forces that are now fighting in Idlib are from Idlib and who volunteered in the Syrian armed forces to rid their families of armed terrorism Also, the hidden intentions of terrorism, which can manifest when the fighting intensifies, including the blessings of the Syrian army’s use of chemical weapons, lies, and media misinformation that some groups are doing to demonize the Syrian army and distort the role of the Russian armed and judicial forces.

The Syrian army announced, yesterday, Wednesday, the control of several villages and towns in the southern Idlib countryside, including Ma`rat al-Numan.

The Syrian army had resumed its military operations on the northern front of the country a week ago, in which it was able to regain control of strategic villages and towns, the most important of which is Ma`rat al-Numan and Wadi al-Dhaif.

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied media reports about Russian air force attacks on a “hospital and bakery” on the outskirts of Idlib, Syria, and described the reports data as a media provocation.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement: “The reports of foreign media about the bombing of the Russian Space Air Force by a hospital and bakery in the Jericho residential area on the southern outskirts of the Syrian city of Idlib on the morning of January 30 are a media provocation. In this region of Syria with any combat mission. “

Today, Thursday, many western media circulated reports that Russian aircraft targeted a bakery and hospital in the city of Jericho, and stated that the initial outcome indicated 10 civilians killed and 40 wounded.


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