Was a firefighter hit in the head by an LBD shot during the demonstration in Paris? – video


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Tuesday, January 28, firefighters demonstrated in Paris for better working conditions and guarantees as part of the pension reform. As the situation was tightening, one of the demonstrators was wounded in the head … by a shot from LBD 40?

The head of a firefighter was struck by a projectile during the demonstration on Tuesday 28 January. A sequence widely shared on the Internet shows him perched on a water cannon-type police vehicle after having crossed a moving wall of the security forces.

Then, seated on the front of the truck, facing his colleagues, the firefighter lights a smoke bomb and raises his arms. Suddenly, a projectile coming from his left hits his skull. The protester collapsed and lost consciousness before being able to sit down a few seconds later. He descends from the movable wall with difficulty, helped by his colleagues.

Contacted by CheckNews, the journalist Brice Ivanovic who was on site believes that it was indeed a LBD 40 shot. He says that “the fireman climbed on the barricade, a colleague passes him a smoke bomb and then he take the shot from LBD “.

On his video, there is a sound that strongly resembles that of a LBD shot.

Journalist Charles Baudry also filmed the scene. He confirms to CheckNews that he saw the shot in the head.

The Prefecture of Police has not yet responded to requests for release.

The firefighters’ demonstration

Professional firefighters demonstrated in the streets of Paris on January 28 to demand a revaluation of their working conditions, as well as the increase and harmonization of the fire premium.

On this occasion, clashes took place between the police and firefighters wearing helmets and fireproof clothing. The police had to use a water cannon, tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the firefighters who were trying to force a metal police barrier erected to prevent a possible blockage of the device.

The consequences of clashes

Following these clashes, a police officer was seriously injured after being hit in the calf and under the arch by shrapnel from a home-made bomb. In a press release, the prefecture deplores “28 wounded, including 14 among the forces involved (9 gendarmes and 5 police officers)”.
On Twitter, Linda Kebbab, national delegate of the SGP police-FO union, also reported the cases of two police officers burned by mortar fire. Another reportedly received a mixture of Dakin (an antiseptic) and bleach in the eyes.


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