Vreugdenhil wins alternative Elfstedentocht on Weissensee again


The 32nd alternative Elfstedentocht on the Austrian Weissensee has been won again by Frank Vreugdenhil. Last year’s winner was the fastest of a group of nine in the sprint.

A large group quickly broke out of the 108-man platoon that started at half past seven in the morning. The refugees did not get much margin and with about twelve of the nineteen laps of 10.5 kilometers ahead, a regrouping followed.

Many run-outs then proved fruitless until a new group managed to break free. Nine men took a lead of 1.40 on a chasing group and 2.30 on the peloton.

Three former winners

With an advantageous margin of still 1.31, the front runners, including the former winners Erwin Mesu (2015), Crispijn Ariëns (2016) and Frank Vreugdenhil, entered the final round. Both Mesu and Vreugdenhil tried to get away, but those demarrages were smothered.

In the final sprint Vreugdenhil then proved to be the fastest of the bunch. He referred Ariëns and Jordy Harink to places two and three.


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