Vladimir Putin reaches out to China amid a coronavirus epidemic



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Faced with the spread of the coronavirus that has struck China and cases of which have already been detected in several other countries around the world, Vladimir Putin expressed his empathy to his counterpart Xi Jinping and expressed his willingness to reach out to the China “to quickly deal with this common threat,” said the Kremlin.

The Russian President expressed his empathy to his Chinese counterpart in the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic, expressing his willingness to help China to counter the spread of this disease, according to the Kremlin press service.

“Due to the coronavirus infection epidemic in China, Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a message to President Xi Jinping to express his sincere empathy and support to all those whose families have been affected by the grief, as well as his wishes for a speedy recovery to the sick, “he said.

Vladimir Putin said he was convinced that thanks to the decisive measures taken by the Chinese leaders, the spread of the epidemic will be stopped and the damage caused by it minimized.

“The Russian President has expressed his willingness to provide the necessary assistance to the friendly Chinese people and has indicated that the competent Russian authorities have asked to work closely with the competent Chinese structures to rapidly deal with this common threat,” said the Kremlin.

First two cases in Russia

Earlier this Friday, January 31, the first two cases of contamination with coronavirus were confirmed on Russian territory. Both patients are Chinese citizens.


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