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Among coverts and sexual predators, the Legionaries of Christ (LC) congregation continues to be “rotten” and must disappear because it has no choice, a victim of pederasty of the priest Fernando Martínez warned.

As a child, Biani López Antúnez entered the Cumbres de Cancún school, Quintana Roo, where she was the victim of sexual abuse from 1991 to 1993 by the father and director of the school, Fernando Martínez.
In an interview with Notimex, accused that the Legionaries of Christ is a structure that maintains the protection of their priests who commit crimes with minors.
He warned that Fernando Martínez’s cover-ups are now in command of the Legionaries of Christ, so there is no guarantee that the abuses will not continue and that in five years more complaints may arise in the public light of cases of clerical pedophilia.

“That legion has no remedy, it should disappear, it is born from a rotten root and remains rotten as a government,” he said.

He accused that Eloy Bedia, Luis Garza Medina and Eduardo Robles Gil are the ones in charge of the Legionaries of Christ, the same ones who covered up Fernando Martínez, so now there is no guarantee that the congregation has a different behavior.

“It is a completely rotten system, it is a legion founded by a pedophile, a criminal who has proven all his sexual, financial and all kinds of crimes,” he says.

She recovered the letter she wrote as a child to her teacher Lorena, who contacted her and decided to make it public because with it she confirms her testimonies and put on the table the debate about the non-prescription of that crime, since it is arbitrary that they cannot proceed for the criminal route against pedophiles.

                    Photo: Notimex / Quetzalli Blanco

Press conference with victims of sexual abuse committed by the Legionaries of Christ

He accuses the coverts with names and surnames: Professor Aurora Morales, a collaborator of the Regnum Christi movement, who in 1993 when the facts were denounced was changed to another school in Monterrey where she was working 26 years, until Ana Lucia made his complaint last year .

It was then that the Legionaries of Christ reported that the teacher was leaving school for professional reasons and to whom she deeply thanked all her years for services to the LC.
When the information that is evident becomes public the link between teacher Aurora and the cases of Fernando Martínez, the Legionaries announced that they were going to file a complaint with the Public Ministry against Aurora Morales for complicity.
López Antúnez warned that it is one more farce of the Legionaries their actions to file complaints knowing that they do not proceed, because they are not the victims and because they are facts that they prescribed.

He argued that in the case of Fernando Martínez they blame Maciel because they say that the decisions were not made by the territorial directors of that time who were in 1991 Luis Garza Medina and in 1993, Eloy Bedia, who defend themselves and refuse to be cover-ups , because they only complied with Maciel’s orders, so they are not the cover-ups.

“Of course they are cover-ups, because they were the ones who moved from one place to another to a sexual predator, knowing that it was,” he said.


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