US police tell details of the incident that occurred before Trump’s residence


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It was reported that US President Donald Trump had two women in the car trying to enter Mar-a-Lago, a private holiday resort in Florida, and no one was injured in the incident.

West palm beach police spokesperson at the press conference, “Many bullets hit the car as a result of the opened fire. Thank God, no one was injured. Neither the cops, the Secret Service agents, nor those inside the car. There were two women in the car.” found in the description.

The police said that a 30-year old white woman used the car and that the woman had no previous criminal record. Woman in the black car, President Donald TrumpAttracted the attention of the security forces before reaching the residence. The security officers tried to communicate, but the woman did not react and managed to escape from the police in traffic.

Police, “Then he went south in the direction of Mar-a-Lago. When he got there, he first hit the first checkpoint and endangered the lives of the people there. Then he proceeded to the second checkpoint and hit him too.” used expressions.

Security workers opened fire because he did not know the woman’s intention.

Suspect was detained, his statement will be taken later. Police say that the second woman got into the car after the first chase.


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