US House of Representatives approves bill blocking funding of a possible war with Iran


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The US House of Representatives adopted the draft bill, which envisages preventing the financing of a possible war with Iran.

Democrats Presented by Ro Khanna, Acting MP of the House of Representatives ‘Foresees to prevent the financing of a possible war with Iran’ the draft bill was approved by 228 votes against 175.

Speaking in the voting at the general assembly, Khanna stated that the Congress should impose financial restrictions by using its legal powers in order to prevent a possible war with Iran.

Khanna, “Congress should clearly show that it will not approve a single penny to be used in a war with Iran” used expressions.

On the other hand, it is stated that the bill is unlikely to pass through the Senate under the control of the Republicans.

A similar bill preventing the financing of the war against Iran passed through the House of Representatives last year but was passed last month from the 2020 National Defense Authority Act (NDAA).

On January 3, the United States killed 10 people, including the Commander of the Jerusalem Force, General Kasım Süleymani and Deputy Chairman of the Hashemite Sabi Abu Mahdi Engineer, in an air strike at Baghdad Airport.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards also carried out a missile attack on Ayn al-Assad Air Base of the USA in Iraq on January 8th.


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