Unexpectedly good news about fuel in Bulgaria along with the flu in China


In recent days, oil prices on the world markets have steadily gone down, with the coronavirus and the expected contraction in oil and petroleum consumption in China citing this collapse.

“For the first time, we are seeing a humanitarian crisis affect so directly the international oil markets,” the chairman of the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association, Zhivodar Terziev, told BNR.

In his words, refusing to travel or focusing on illness is likely to refuse investors to buy oil. Internal markets, as they did not respond to speculative rises due to the events of September and December (related to Iran and Saudi Arabia – ed.), Will wait now, he said.

Deliveries of new prices will be in 10-15 days, not today for tomorrow. “If this trend continues and it continues to be sustainable, we would certainly expect a decrease in column prices,” predicts Terziev.


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