Uncovering the reason for preventing Judo coach Saddam Hussein from entering Kuwait


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The treasurer of the judo federation in Kuwait, Youssef Dali, revealed the reason for preventing Judo coach Saddam Hussein from entering the country.

Delly said in Statements to the newspaper Kuwaiti “Al-Rai”, “The rumors about not granting an entry visa to the Yemeni judo trainer Saddam Hussein bin Hazeb due to his name matching the name of Saddam Hussein” are incorrect.
He continued, “The matter relates to the lack of validity in his passport for more than six months, which is a prerequisite for obtaining the visa in force in all countries of the world.”

Bin Hazib, the coach of the Thamer Sports Club from the Directorate of Labous in Yafea in Lahj Governorate in Yemen, was to accompany his team, which arrives in the country today, Wednesday evening, to participate in the Arab Judo Championship.

The Kuwaiti newspaper stated that an official in the Kuwaiti Judo Federation had apologized for the authorities’ failure to grant the entry visa to the coach, while the other members of the team had been granted visas.

The Yemeni coach expressed his dissatisfaction with the failure to grant him a visa “because of his name”, but the treasurer of the Kuwaiti Judo Federation denied the rumors raised about his prevention due to his name or his association with the “Ansar Allah” group (Houthis) in Yemen.


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