Tsarahova, Russian-like Angelina Jolie, is the new focus of social media


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Alina Tsarahova from Russia’s North Ossetia attracted attention with her resemblance to US actress Angelina Jolie. While some of the social media users praise the beauty of Tsarahova, some state that this is a result obtained only through aesthetic operations.

North Ossetian Instagram user Alina Tsarahova draws attention with the famous US actress Angelina Jolie.

Tsarahova has more than 22 thousand followers and the number of followers is increasing day by day.

Users want Tsarahova to praise the look and share her beauty secrets.

Some users also criticize Tsarahova and state that what they see is only an aesthetic operation product.

According to the local press, Tsarahova’s lifestyle is not much like Jolie, although she looks like her appearance. Tsarahova leads a modest life and spends most of her time with her son.


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