Trump’s plan: Palestinian state with capital in East Jerusalem


President Trump’s long-awaited peace plan for the Middle East offers a realistic two-state solution. This realistic solution will link the need to create a Palestinian state with a clear rejection of terrorism and make Jerusalem an integral part of Israel’s capital, the French press said, citing the president.

The US president has said the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will allow Israel to “make a big step towards peace,” according to France Press and BTA.

He added that this was the most detailed plan ever drawn up with 80 pages of content

US officials have announced that US President Donald Trump’s plan for Middle East peace calls for the creation of a Palestinian state with a capital in parts of East Jerusalem.

Jerusalem will remain the “indivisible capital of Israel,” Trump said.

Speculation was, however, set to end that the plan would not include a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Associated Press notes.

The US is also ready to “recognize Israeli sovereignty over territories” that the international community considers occupied. Trump did not specify the size of the territories.

Referring to “Jerusalem, which will remain Israel’s indivisible capital,” Trump also did not specify what boundaries he imagines that Israel will have, said France’s press, and recalled that Trump also mentioned during his plan presentation. the capital of the future Palestinian state in East Jerusalem. Palestinians want East Jerusalem, a part of the city occupied since 1967 by Israel and then annexed to Israel, to be the capital of their future state, French press recalls.

The DPA says that in addition to East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, Trump said the US could eventually open an embassy there.

The plan also foresees a twofold increase in the territory currently under Palestinian control.

At the same time, the plan recognizes Israeli sovereignty over large settlements in the West Bank – something that is almost certain that Palestinians will object to.

“The Middle East Peace Plan offers a realistic two-state solution,” Trump said.

In his words, “Palestinians deserve a better life.”

They, in turn, have already rejected Trump’s proposal for peace in the Middle East. They even accused him of bias in favor of Israel. Palestinians are planning protests in the occupied territories today and tomorrow, giving rise to clashes with the Israeli army, the AP notes.

Trump has been accused by Palestinians of being biased against Israel
Photo: BTA / AP

“The US president has adopted policies that support Israel, but to the detriment of the Palestinians,” the Palestinians commented.

The plan also calls for a four-year freeze on the construction of new Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The details of a permanent agreement will be agreed during this period, according to representatives who wished to remain anonymous.

It is not yet clear whether the four-year freeze will be extended if a final deal is not negotiated for those four years.

Earlier, Trump gave a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. While in the White House, prosecutors in his home country brought him to court.

Netanyahu is pleased with the deal
Photo: BTA / AP

Trump also said he had written to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the France-based press reported. In the letter, he explained to him that the territory designated for the new Palestinian state “will remain open and without development of Israeli settlements for a period of four years.”

The president also said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had told him that the proposed plan by the US administration would be the basis for direct peace talks, Reuters reported.

“Yesterday, the Israeli Prime Minister told me that he wanted to take the vision of the plan for a basis for direct negotiations with the Palestinians, which is a historic breakthrough, and also, I would like to say that Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz also very much supported this plan.” , Trump said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Trump’s plan to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a realistic path to lasting peace.

After the US meetings, Netanyahu left for Moscow, where he plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Prime Minister must report to him about the talks he has had with Trump.

Hamas accused Washington of conspiracy

Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which rules in the Gaza Strip, today rejected a Middle East peace plan presented in Washington by US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Frans and Reuters reported.

A Hamas official described the plan as a “conspiracy” and assured that “all options were open”.

“We are confident that the Palestinian people will not allow these conspiracies to pass, so all options are open,” said Khalil al-Hay. He added that Israel and the US “will bear responsibility for what they have done.”

Another Hamas official described Trump’s proposals for Jerusalem as “absurd.” “Jerusalem will always remain Palestinian land,” said Sami Abu Zuhri, quoted by Reuters.

The card

The White House today presented a map of the Israeli and future Palestinian states, France reported. US President Donald Trump himself published the card in his Twitter account, the DPA added.

“All Muslims whose intentions are peaceful will be welcome to visit and pray at the al-Aqsa mosque,” the text on the map, tweeted by Trump, states. The al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holy place for Islam and is in the Old City of Jerusalem, France’s press recalls.

The map shows that Palestinian control will be on some parts of the West Bank, but it will be completely surrounded by Israel, with access routes to Jordan, the DPA added.

Jewish settlements on the West Bank will come under Israeli control, as will the entire Jordan River Valley, DPA notes.

A territory south of Gaza in the Negev Desert will be transferred to Palestinian control. There will be a tunnel connecting the Gaza Strip to the West Bank.

The White House said today that Trump’s plan for peace between Israelis and Palestinians proposes a demilitarized Palestinian state to live in peace with Israel, Frans reported.

UN help

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the UN remains ready to help Israel and the Palestinians negotiate peace on the basis of UN resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements, news agencies said. This was stated in a statement by Secretary-General’s spokesman Stefan Djuzaric after the presentation of US President Donald Trump’s plan to settle the Middle East conflict.

The UN is committed to delivering on a vision for two countries “living side by side in peace and security” and based on borders since 1967, said a spokesman for Guterish.

UN resolutions have identified all Israeli settlements in the West Bank as illegal and called for a solution to the conflict based on the borders of the pre-Arab-Israeli 1967 war and an agreed land swap, the Associated Press recalls.

Turkey condemns Trump’s plan

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the US president’s proposed plan to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, TASS reported.

“The so-called US peace plan is stillborn. It is an annexation plan aimed at usurping Palestinian lands and destroying / coexisting / two states. The people of Palestine and its land cannot be bought for money,” points out in a ministry communique.

Palestinian President Rejects Peace Plan

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has rejected the Middle East peace plan proposed earlier today by Donald Trump.

Abbas called the plan a “conspiracy” and told Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “the rights of the Palestinian people are not for sale,” Reuters reported.

“I tell Trump and Netanyahu: Jerusalem is not for sale, our rights are not for sale and they cannot be traded. And your deal, this conspiracy, will not go away,” Abbas said. His statement was broadcast on television. Abbas said this after meeting in Ramallah with representatives of various Palestinian groups, including the Islamist movement Hamas, which has already rejected the US plan.


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