This image says everything about the situation in Wuhan, a metropolis i …


The image captures the reality in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan: a gray man with a face mask lying dead on the street. Nobody dares to help or get closer.

Normally it is full of people on the streets of Wuhan, a large city with 11 million inhabitants. Now that the city is in quarantine, there are hardly any passers-by. Whoever saw the man lying does not dare approach. It is not clear how the man – probably a sixties – died.

Shortly after journalists spotted the body, a car came crashing in with agents and nurses dressed in safety suits.

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Wuhan is the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak. Researchers currently assume that the virus was transmitted from wild animals to humans at a market in the city. The virus, which appeared at the end of last year, has meanwhile killed 213 people, 159 of whom in Wuhan alone.

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In the meantime, the city has been in lockdown for more than a week: roads are closed, trains and planes remain in the station and airport.

This image says everything about the situation in Wuhan, a city of millions in quarantine by corona

Photo: AFP


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