They claim to find a missing ship almost a century ago in the Bermuda triangle


HAVANA (Sputnik) – The US ship SS Cotopaxi, mysteriously disappeared 95 years ago, once again attracts attention after marine biologist and underwater explorer Michael Barnette, said the ship sank off the coast of the state of Florida, southeast from the United States.

According to the office published on the CBS News website, which cites the Science Channel television program, which produces Discovery Communications, “Barnette went to Florida to do more research and concluded that the remains of the Cotopaxi were found almost 35 years ago in front of the coast of St. Augustine, Florida. ”
For this new search, Barnette recruited British historian Guy Walters, to search for new information about the lost ship, who found records of the Cotopaxi insurance company, which said the ship sent distress signals on December 1, 1925, which They were received in Jacksonville, northeast Florida.

Historians confirm that the SS Cotopaxi sailed from the port of Charleston in South Carolina (central-eastern US), on November 29, 1925, bound for the port of Havana, Cuba, with a crew of 32 members and were under the command of Captain WJ Meyer, with a load of 2,340 tons of coal.

The SS Cotopaxi was owned by the Clinchfield shipping company, built by the Great Lakes Engineering Works company, located in River Rouge, northeastern Michigan USA), and was launched into the water in 1918.

The name of the ship is also the name of an active volcano in the Andes mountains, it is located in the province of Cotopaxi, about 50 kilometers south of Quito, capital of Ecuador.

Other theories

In May 2015, it was rumored that SS Cotopaxi had been found off the coast of Cuba, and that when boarding the ship there was no person on board.

An alleged photograph of the time of the boarding by the coast guard of the island was even shown.

The disappearance of SS Cotopaxi is associated with the Bermuda Triangle, a poorly defined region that covers the area between Florida (USA), Puerto Rico and the Bermuda Islands, where dozens of ships and planes have disappeared under strange circumstances.


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