They call to take care of the mental health of Mexican adolescents in the face of citizen insecurity


Given the increase in insecurity in Mexico, specialists in psychology call to establish preventive actions focused on ensuring the mental health of adolescents and thereby avoiding symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

The academic of the degree in psychology of the University of the Valley of Mexico (UVM), Hugo Gómez, said that a traumatic event Рfor example, an assault Рcan be cause of posttraumatic stress syndrome which is diagnosed six months after the event.

The symptoms are mainly fear, anxiety, depression and sequelae that have to do with the characteristics of the event to which it was exposed. “For example, if the victim suffered robbery on public transport, he may be afraid to board a bus again or to leave his home.”

The psychologist stressed that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), for every victim of violence that has a physical sequel, there are another 40 people who suffer from mental health problems, many of them, incapacitating, to perform work activities and academics.

In Mexico, he said, young people represent 30% of the population and are the ones who will become decision makers in the country, hence the relevance of establishing measures to prevent the problem of violence and the effects it causes.

Given this, the specialist recommended that parents focus on a positive upbringing, which consists of interaction with children, instilling values, maintaining open communication, as well as having and keep your trust.

“What I am as a child is the reflection of what I see at home, but also of what I see in my environment.”

In addition, he warned that the more situations of violence a person lives, the more likely he is to be a victimizer. “Violence always escalates, if we don’t do something to stop it, it will always increase, which is a reality we have seen in recent years,” finished.


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