The three Bulgarians under surveillance were not infected with the coronavirus


The National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases examined samples from three Bulgarians who were placed under surveillance after returning from China and Thailand, and were clearly not infected with the new coronavirus. This was reported to “24 hours” Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev – Director of the National Center, part of which is the National Reference Laboratory for Flu and Acute Respiratory Diseases.

Earlier it was revealed that another Bulgarian man, a man who had returned from China, had also not been infected with the deadly virus.

“There is currently strong evidence that the incubation period for new pneumonia is up to 14 days, most often symptoms appear on day 5-6,” he explained.

He stressed that only samples of a physician’s signature of a person with symptoms of respiratory disease would be examined.

In a few hours in Bulgaria, a coronavirus coming from China may have been diagnosed, Prof. Kantardzhiev told Focus earlier. He specified that this was already possible thanks to the reagents received at the center to prove the virus.

“The methods are reliable, only if the patient has a developed clinical picture of the disease: pneumonia and respiratory failure. Submissions should be submitted in a brief epidemic history, and no consideration should be given to materials which, in the context of influenza or other local disease, are in this serious condition. The materials should be sent packaged in the manner described on the website of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases signed by the attending physician and epidemiologist. The attending physician must be an infectious or resuscitator from a hospital. Then the result is reliable, “he specified.

Kantardzhiev added that 80% of patients have bilateral bronchopneumonia, and 15% have respiratory distress and should be on command breathing with additional oxygen supply. The World Health Organization has committed countries to implement their own measures and rules to increase the control of the spread of the disease, which has taken epidemic proportions in China and surpassed the mutated virus by one month in 2002.

In the meantime, it is expected the evacuation of three Bulgarian students from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus started. A group of German nationals, including a Bulgarian with dual citizenship, are already at the Wuhan airport, where they will be evacuated by plane to Germany, BNT reported.

Upon arrival in Frankfurt, the group will be detained and monitored for two weeks with other Chinese nationals.

The other two Bulgarians in Wuhan will be evacuated by a French plane tomorrow. In Bulgaria, they will be accommodated in the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Military Medical Academy in rooms with special access until the quarantine period is over.

Meanwhile, Italy, the UK, Sweden and Russia have announced that they have already registered cases.

China after WHO decision on global threat: Don’t panic!

Chinese ambassador to the UN headquarters in Geneva, Xu Chen, today warned against panic and the excessive measures taken by some countries against the spread of the new coronavirus, for which the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an international emergency, France reported.

“It is not necessary to cause senseless panic or take excessive measures,” he said at a press conference in Geneva Xu, stressing that “the WHO has complete confidence in China.”

The WHO reported that restrictions on the movement of persons and goods during the international emergency may prove ineffective, disrupt the delivery of assistance and harm the countries concerned.

The WHO also warned that closing the borders with China, where the new coronavirus is the outbreak, would be counterproductive because it would force people to travel illegally, further spreading the epidemic.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunin today criticized US recommendations for its citizens not to travel to China or not leave the country if they are already there, France reported.

“The words and actions of some US officials are neither fact-based nor relevant,” the spokeswoman said. She recalled that the WHO itself recommended that travel not be restricted while the US does the exact opposite. “This is certainly not a gesture of goodwill,”


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