The rulers go from tragedy to tragedy


Legally, the no-confidence vote did not pass, but it was a blow to the rulers who went into political strife. An attempt to make changes to the Gambling Act will fail. Prof. Rumen Gechev from BSP said this on BTV.

The gambling business exceeds BGN 3 billion. Obviously, the PMIF check was commissioned by the Prime Minister. Several hundred million levs did not go into the treasury, but into someone’s pockets. There is also a representative of SANS in the Gambling Commission. Bulgarian institutions have been sleeping for years for gambling. They may be “ladybugs” but may be “ladybugs” that they have folded. Why the state has been standing for five years and watching the money go to private individuals. It is the culprit who gives the pie. A decree on lottery fees is being adopted in December. Goranov imports it.

Motives from other ministries are always sought. It has passed through the legal department of the Council of Ministers. The whole government discussed the same question a month ago without reaction. There is no way to do this without a secure political umbrella over the major gambling players. We do not want to participate in the theater of government. The thieves in gambling divide the packs. We are against all gambling. In the US, they are only allowed in certain regions. The EU is pushing for competition. Now the governing forests are the rug in all spheres. They are from tragedy to tragedy.

In the Eurozone waiting room is only Denmark. Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic do not want to enter any Eurozone. It doesn’t matter what we write in our law. The bank’s law says from the age of 97 that the exchange rate between the euro and the country is negotiated at the last moment of the exit of the waiting room for confidential calls. Who are they lying to?


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