The man claims to be the illegitimate son of Charles and Camilla


Charles and Camilla Photo: Reuters

A 53-year-old man claims to be the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and his wife Camila. Simon Dorante intends to go to court to obtain a DNA test from the Crown Prince and to prove his claims, writes Daily Mail, quoted by New TV.

The man was born in the UK in 1966. He was adopted as a baby. At that time Charles was 17 and Camila was 18. It is believed that their closer relationship began then. Simon goes to Australia with his parents and lives there.

Simon claims his grandparents worked in the royal court as a cook and gardener. It was after a while that they revealed his son to him.

“I know it sounds incredible, but all the facts are the same. Even physically, I look like Charles and Camilla, ‚ÄĚDorante states.

He claims Princess Diana found out about his birth and would reveal it to the world. According to Simon, that is why someone ordered her murder in 1997, staging a car accident.

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