The highest restaurant in Europe is in Moscow | Photo, Video


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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – A restaurant located on the 84th floor of the Oko skyscraper in Moscow was registered as the highest in Europe by the Russian Book of Records, the book’s expert Stanislav Kononenko reported.

The restaurant is located in the Moscow International Business Center, also called Moscow City.

“Officially announced that the record was recorded ‘The highest restaurant in Europe with the result of 336 meters above ground level‘”said Kononenko.

In turn, the first vice-director of the department of commerce and service of Moscow, Alexandr Ivanov, stressed that it is very important that the restaurants of the Russian capital receive such indicators.

“We have more than 14,000 entities in the food industry and it is important that they receive some kind of understandable indicators for tourists and for people living in the city,” he said.


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