The government gives up the Eurozone if the euro / lev changes


We will withdraw from the ERM-2 mechanism if not
we agree to enter with the current BGN exchange rate against the euro. That said
Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov during a briefing at the People’s Party
meeting after consultation with parliamentary groups, cited by Focus.

Asked if the proposal of the governing
guarantees that our country’s condition for joining the Eurozone is to maintain
Goranov replied: “If you read the decision, it says something
more. If we do not agree to enter this course, we will not enter and we will
we are withdrawing from the mechanism, ”the minister said.

In his words, the decision he is likely to make today
the Bulgarian Parliament, since all without one party supported it,
guarantees the mandate of the Bulgarian authorities that they will not deviate in any way
fixed rate. “If our legislation is not harmonized with
European in this part, we have to give up the process, “Goranov said.

Asked if other EU countries would like to ask for the course
the euro be changed and our country fails to convince them that it should be
reserved, we give up the eurozone, the minister replied: “That’s right.”

“Our priority is joining the Eurozone, but
it will only become the current course, otherwise we will not enter, “he said
more Goranov.

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