The first Saudi response to Erdogan after his statement about Saudi Arabia’s silence towards the deal of the century


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Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed commented on the speech of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which he touched on the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the peace plan announced by US President Donald Trump.

Erdogan said, “I am sad when looking at the positions of Islamic countries, especially Saudi Arabia, as no statement was issued (rejecting the deal of the century), when will we hear your voice?” He continued, “If we cannot protect the privacy of Al-Aqsa Mosque, then tomorrow we will not be able to prevent evil eyes from turning towards the Kaaba, so we consider Jerusalem our red line.”

The prince replied with a tweet on Twitter saying: “He first carried out what she threatened to implement toward Israel when Trump announced a year and more that the embassy was moved to Jerusalem … This was Antari’s statement as your statement now … But nothing happened that you claimed you would do.”

In a separate tweet, the Saudi prince said: “As a reminder, this is an (anti-seismic) statement by Erdogan More than two years ago what he would do if America recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel … and in which he said that he would sever his country’s relations with Israel … Of course there is no need to say that he has not yet …! “

Trump’s plan envisions a two-state solution whereby Israel and a Palestinian state live side by side, but under strict conditions that the Palestinians reject.

The plan gives Israel much of what it has long sought, including recognition by the United States of its settlements in the West Bank and sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, that Jerusalem is Israel’s indivisible capital, and the provision of investments worth $ 50 billion to the Palestinian state.


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