The first clash between Slavi and Tsitridis


A direct televised clash confronted the two evening broadcasts, which were in the running for late-stage viewers. On Monday, the “Nikolaos Tsitridis Show” was launched on bTV, and at the same time his predecessor, Slavi Trifonov, had invited Dimitar Rachkov to “The Evening Show of Slavi” on 7/8 TV.

What did the two shows bet on?

Nikolaos Tsitridis Show

The new presenter left a fresh taste with his debut. Simple, smiling and … writing his own smiles. Or at least some of them.

In the first episode of their show, Tsitridis and the entire team relied on Julian Vergov as their first interviewee. And we know that when you invite Vergov, you can’t go wrong – he is an audience favorite, an actor with experience, full of stories and charisma, writes. The extent to which the first issue of the show of Tsitridis has turned out will be clear from how many viewers will decide to watch it again.

Slavi’s evening show

As an experienced television broadcaster, Slavi Trifonov relied on the tried and tested method of producing news. On the air of his show last night, he put an end to the long-running war with Lords of the Air, which went through not only the pages of the Yellow Pages, but also through a series of court cases. The ceasefire was confirmed with the presence of Dimitar Rachkov.

Slavi Trifonov stated and promised that he would terminate the case against the Masters of the Air and would never judge them again. In addition, after Magardich Halvadjian joined the show via Skype, he and Trifonov even agreed to drink coffee together.

Because in Maggie’s words, “Heroes come and go, but legends are eternal.”

It’s not entirely clear who the characters are and which legends, but following the logic of their conversation, it seems that the legends Trifonov and Halvadzhian will have coffee in front of … bTV.

The other thing Slavi promised to Rachkov is that he will participate, along with Ku-ku Bend, in Rachkov’s Forbidden Show at the Arena Armeec Hall in June.

And last but not least, the longtime television presenter called Maggie Halvadjian a friend and an honorable person.

Unofficial information from both headquarters states that both camps are pleased with the initial results of the pipeline. What they are exactly will probably be clear in the coming hours.


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