The coronavirus anxiety in Istanbul was caused by the computer error of the Azeri assistant doctor


The suspicion of coronavirus in a 6-year-old Chinese girl in Istanbul was denied by the Ministry of Health. Uğur Koçbaş, editor of the Evening Post with Atilla Güner, researched at RS FM. The incident turned out to be due to the mistake of an Azeri assistant doctor.

6-year-old M.Y. is about a Chinese girl coronavirus suspected in Turkey has caused his eyes to be translated to the hospital. The reason for this was a computer screenshot shared on social media. In the hospital registration system for the patient in the image, “Definitive Diagnosis: Coronavirus” it seemed that it was written.

In the evening post with Atilla Güner in RS FM, program editor Uğur Koçbaş explained the behind-the-scenes of this image and what happened in the hospital:

DNA test will be done

“Girls who are the subject of speculation came from China to Turkey on January 19. 3 days ago, the child’s family applied to Sadi Konuk Hospital in Bakırköy with high fever and cough, but they gave medicine and sent it home. At around 21:00 yesterday, this time the family applied to IU Faculty of Medicine. We talked to a doctor there to share his name and got the information. An Azerbaijani female assistant doctor who records the patient in the computer system. These events occurred because the coronavirus was replaced by ‘definitive diagnosis’ instead of ‘pre-diagnosis’. However, the first test was negative for the girl, but the blood sample was sent to Ankara for DNA for a definitive result. There was a heavy phone traffic in the hospital at night because the Provincial Health Directorate closely followed the incident. ”

No negative pressure chamber

Uğur Koçbaş also emphasized the ‘Negative pressure chambers’ that should be used in such cases in the publication:

“According to the guidelines published by the Ministry of Health, it is stated that the suspect patient should be kept in the negative pressure chamber in such cases where there is a risk of spread from person to person. However, there is no room in IU Faculty of Medicine. Thereupon, a room is searched in Istanbul. However, the suspect case has to be kept in the normal room since all 3 negative pressure chambers throughout Istanbul are full. ”


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