The confidence in the lev is preserved, pleased Yordan Tsonev


The hard-won confidence in the BGN is preserved. This was assured by Nova TV’s studio DPS MP Yordan Tsonev.

In his words We have found a legislative solution for a fixed lev and continue our journey to the Eurozone. With this decision if a third country requests a change of course, Bulgaria leaves the waiting room and stops its way to the Eurozone.

Yordan Tsonev also commented that he was it was an absolute mistake of GERB to try to push the legislative changes in this way, although he agreed with the motive that the subject was sensitive and the public could easily be shaken.

We were able to master the topic of “on the brink of harm”, Tsonev pointed out and explained that the theme for the Eurozone is not just about GERB, but to all political parties.

Yordan Tsonev also assured that the fears of many Bulgarians from joining the Eurozone are unfounded. In his words upon entering business conditions will become better, credit rates will fall, and we will be provided with stability in the banking sector.

The joys will be more than fears, believe me Yordan Tsonev pointed out.


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