The best Russian fighters of the 20th century


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Combat aircraft remain an important element on the battlefield that can resolve the battle for more than a century.

The first Russian-made fighter jet appeared on January 25, 1915 during World War I.

World War II fighters

And distinguished combat aircraft appeared in Russia during the Second World War, including the “No-7” that carried out the first sortie in January 1944, that is, at the end of the Second World War, and it became, nevertheless, one of the best fighters of that war.

This aircraft was distinguished by the use of air, not oil, to cool the engine, which increased the safety of the plane, as it does not burn it just because the engine room is damaged.

The aircraft was also distinguished by its speed, which reached 680 km per hour, and its armament, which included 3 20 mm cannons and about 200 kg of bombs.

The “No-7” fighter won the love of the pilots. One of them, Evan Kojedob, managed to shoot down 17 enemy aircraft flying on “No-7”.

                    Sputnik. Chomenko

“No-5” fighter

The military experts praised another wonderful World War II fighter, the Yak-3. This plane was relatively light, weighing just over 2,500 kilograms. It was fast and easy to operate. The “Yak-3” aircraft were able to attack the enemy aircraft from behind, which ensures that the target plane was shot down.


The Yak-3 fighter in flight

Korean war hero

And when the era of jet aircraft began, the Russian Air Force got a MiG-15, a light fighter that can fly at speeds of approximately 1,100 km per hour.

As for its armament, it contained a 37 mm cannon and two 23 mm cannons. It could also carry two bombs.

The MiG-15 fighters fought the Korean war against the American F-86s. I managed “MiG-15” fighters shot down 650 US F-86s and wounded dozens of B-29s during the Korean War, which saw the loss of 340 MiG-15s.

The Meg-15 fighters were very popular. They were used by the armies of nearly 40 countries.

                    Sputnik. Evgeniy Bijatov

The MiG-15 fighter

Heavy “Mig” fighter

In the 1950s, Russian engineers created heavy interceptor fighter planes that could counter American supersonic bombers. The outcome of their work was the MiG-25, which had the appropriate speed, even though its weight exceeded 35 tons.

The MiG-25 fighter enjoyed the impressive capabilities that enabled it to achieve a world record when it flew at an altitude of nearly 30,000 meters, carrying a weight of 2 tons on board. The MiG-25 was the first fighter in the world to be able to fly at speeds of approximately 3,000 km per hour over a long period.

The Russian army has been using MiG-25 fighters from the early 1970s until the mid-1990s. And participated in the “MiG-25” fighters in a number of Middle East conflicts.

                    RIA Novosti. Skrinnikov

The MiG-25 interceptor fighter

Sukhoi aircraft

Russian aircraft designers began work on the fourth generation fighter project in the early 1970s.

One of the advantages of fourth generation fighters is that they can deal with land and sea targets as well as fight air battles. Its main weapons were long-range missiles and air bombs.

The task of making the fourth generation fighter was entrusted to the “Sukhoi” aircraft design bureau. The plane, which was built by “Sukhoi” engineers, was called “Su-27”.

One of the strengths of the Su-27 fighter is that it deals with enemy aircraft effectively, both near and far. It was made with the engine “AL-31F”, which is a development and upgradable engine. For example, the Su-33, Su-30, Su-34 and Su-35 are still using their models.

The Su-27 plane set several records that have not yet been broken, including climbing to a height of 3000 meters in a record time of 25 seconds.

                    Sputnik. Mikhail Voskresenskiy

“Su-34” Fighter – Max 2019 Air Force Show at Zhukovsky Airport on the outskirts of Moscow, 27 August 2019


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