The assistant of the Syrian Minister of Electricity promises to improve the situation during the coming period


Hayan Salman, the Syrian Deputy Minister of Electricity, promised Syrian citizens a short breakthrough on the issue of electricity, as the government is taking serious steps to address the situation.

In an exclusive interview with “Sputnik”, the economist explained the reasons for the decline in the reality of electricity in Syria, despite the fact that the Syrian government has re-taken control of most of the lands of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Dr. Hayyan says: “Syria is acting on behalf of the entire world in the fight against terrorism, and people may be surprised when they know that the losses of Syria have exceeded 5 trillion Syrian pounds from direct and indirect losses, and yet Syria has started using alternative energies.”

The well-known economist notes that there are directives in Syria to provide services for every square meter that goes back to the homeland, and in the forefront of that electricity, and completes: “Therefore we cannot say that the services are degraded, but rather we say that we have 4 million and 200 thousand subscribers after the return of the displaced, After they were two million and 800 thousand subscribers. “

He explains that whenever a station is repaired, the terrorists destroy it and steal it, in addition to the siege on Syria and economic terrorism that has not been witnessed in history, from unilateral economic sanctions and in violation of the United Nations charters practiced by Western countries, particularly the United States.

The minister’s assistant affirms that all matters are improving with the support of friends, especially the Russians, and that the government is now building many stations, and will soon be assured to the world that Syria has triumphed over the blockade and terrorism.

Salman pointed out that more than 350,000 terrorists, who came from 111 countries around the world, destroyed the infrastructure and tried to harm Syria, and that the countries do so also through a livelihood, and try to find a rift between the citizen and the leadership, and he also promised citizens that things will be okay soon And that from the patience of 10 years, it can be more than two months or more.

The reason for the economic situation in general and electric in particular is different from before, although the Syrian war was more violent 3 or 4 years ago than now, the economist explains: “The number of subscribers doubled while the energy is the same, and before the war we were producing 8,000 Megawatts, and reached the limits of 700 megawatts, and terrorism targeted the infrastructure of electricity, water, oil and gas in addition to the blockade, so we were producing 385 thousand barrels of oil, now we are at best producing 24 thousand barrels, and the neighboring countries surrounded us and prevented everything from us, but thanks to the cooperation of the powers The Allied we were able to win. “

But Salman added, “We cannot say that things are okay, but we have a lot of things that can be relied upon, and we will see in the next few months how things will return to what they were before 2011.”

The Syrian minister’s assistant asserted that the government is working day and night, and knows that there are many needs. He added: There is an economic term called decrease management and not management of abundance. We had 22 billion dollars in reserves before the war, and we believed in wheat being self-sufficient and exporting, and we were exporting medicines To more than 95 countries, the inflation rate was around 8.3%, the unemployment rate was 8.6%, and all of this unfortunately we lost due to the war.

The economist and university professor added that Syria has now begun to return thanks to the support of friends, and thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people, and completes: “There is a set of procedures and we have an administrative reform program, where there was a meeting with President Bashar al-Assad with all the activities to implement administrative reform, to put and transfer Syria to the place That befits her. “

Salman revealed that Syria has now entered into with the Russian friends in the field of digital economy, and began to avoid many of the defects and shortcomings imposed on Syria, and that the task for them is to walk towards the future at a steady pace.

Salman concluded his speech: “I am one of the citizens and we suffer as they suffer, and the government is in harmony with the citizen, and the citizen appreciates this thing, and the evidence for that is that he is confident that things will return to what they were 10 years ago.”


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