The Americans released … Auschwitz – Labor


They admitted the mistake, but did not correct it

The US Embassy in Denmark wrote in a Twitter statement that Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz (known in Poland as Oswiecim) was “released” by the US Army. When users criticized the message, diplomats acknowledged their mistake, but the text was not corrected. The Russian Embassy in Washington called this publication a shameless rewriting of history.

“The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, according to the US Embassy in Denmark, has been released by the Americans. What does this mean, gentlemen of the US Department of State and Secretary of State Michael Pompeyo? We urge you not to erase from memory the true liberators of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Red Army soldiers. Now you are trying to “replace” them with American soldiers “, this is the message of the Russian diplomatic mission on Twitter.

Recently, this is not the first attempt to “attribute” the feat to the Red Army of US soldiers. Shortly before, the German magazine Der Spiegel was forced to apologize for the mistake in reporting that the Auschwitz concentration camp had been released by the US Army, published on the social networking account. Previously, a magazine appeared on the magazine’s Snapchat channel, saying that 75 years ago, US troops had liberated the Auschwitz camp. The mistake was noticed by German readers. After the criticism, it was corrected: in the redacted version, the Red Army released the death camp. “An extremely embarrassing mistake has arisen, for which we can only apologize,” Der Spiegel later wrote, and magazine officials noted that they accept the criticism as a “fair punishment.”

Russian President Putin was not invited to the commemoration of Auschwitz. However, he participated in events dedicated to the liberation of Auschwitz from the Soviet army, but not in Poland but in Israel. He was greeted at the airport by Israeli Foreign Minister Kats, who personally thanked Putin for releasing Auschwitz prisoners from the Red Army. Katz noted that his mother was among the prisoners of the concentration camp released by the Soviet military.

(With abbreviations, translated by P. Pavlov)


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