The American ambassador in Tel Aviv: Israel does not need to wait for the settlements to annex


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US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said on Tuesday that Israel can immediately annex West Bank settlements.

Confirmed website The Times of Israel said that Friedman’s statement came minutes after US President Donald Trump launched the Middle East Peace Plan, known as the “Deal of the Century”.
At a press conference, Friedman, a long-time supporter of the settlement project, said the four-year settlement freeze included in Trump’s offer did not apply to existing settlements, which would become part of Israel, according to the plan.

When asked if there was a “waiting period” before Israel imposed sovereignty over the settlements, he said:

Israel does not have to wait at all. The waiting period is the time it takes to obtain internal approvals and to create calibrated documents, to draw maps that will enable us to assess them, and to ensure that they are consistent with the intellectual map. If they wish to apply Israeli law to those areas designated for Israel, we will admit it.

US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel have announced at the White House the terms and details of the US “peace plan” in the Middle East known to the media as the “Deal of the Century”, and this plan included many economic items, which Trump described It would enable the Palestinian people to build a prosperous and vibrant Palestinian society.

Trump had published the map, commenting on it in Arabic: This is what the future state of Palestine might look like with a capital in parts of East Jerusalem.


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