The allegations first coronavirus cases in Turkey: Hospital sources made statements


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CHP Yarkadaş Peace, argued that the emergence of the first cases in Turkey coronavirus. Making a statement on the subject, he said that the necessary tests have been done due to the sources, resources, and coronavirus suspicion, but the results have not been released yet.

China‘of Wuhan the coronavirus, which is said to have spread from the city and put the world on alert Istanbul’also claimed to have appeared.

According to BirGün, Hospital sources emphasized that a definitive diagnosis has not been made yet, while the results of the tests performed due to suspicion are expected.

Barış Yarkadaş announced

Former CHP Member of Parliament Barış Yarkadaş said that a Chinese child was diagnosed with coronavirus at Çapa School of Medicine in a statement on the social networking site Twitter.

Yarkadaş wrote, “There is no literally ‘quarantine’ in the area where the Chinese boy is being treated. There are other children on the same floor. The staff only wears masks.”

“A 6-year-old Chinese boy was brought to Bakırköy Sadi Konuk Hospital by his family at around 21.00 yesterday. The child was given home after his first treatment. However, his family applied to Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine this time late at night. “he said.
This morning at 09.00 collected in coronavirus Science makes a statement after the Council of Minister of Health Fahrettin husband, “was analyzed by taking a sample of suspicious seen 68 people. Precisely in Turkey so far not our patients diagnosed novel coronavirus,” he said. Koca also reported that the results of the two cases under surveillance in Adana were negative.

Yarkadaş, response to Koca

“Why did you hospitalize the 6-year-old Chinese girl who came to IU last night and remove the other patients from the department?” he asked. Yarkadaş announced that both relatives of the 6-year-old Chinese girl were quarantined.

Opening from the Faculty of Medicine

The sources of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine made a statement regarding the claim brought up by Yarkadaş.
Coronavirus suspected of Chinese children being treated in the hospital 10 days ago that come from sources that states that learned Shanghai to Turkey, said that as of the moment the precise diagnosis of the disease.
Despite the first treatment at Bakırköy Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital, the medical faculty sources said that the condition of the child was getting worse yesterday evening and today he is in better condition.

Medical school sources said that necessary tests have been done due to suspected coronavirus, but the results have not been released yet.


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