The action against Vasil Bozhkov does not stop! After the police came tax


Tax audits are underway at Vasil Bozhkov’s companies at the request of the prosecutor’s office.

This was announced by Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov during a briefing at the National Assembly.

“Tax audits are ongoing. They are assigned by the prosecutor’s office. Before they are completed, I cannot have information and give it,” Goranov said.

“The State Financial Inspectorate found errors in law enforcement by the Gambling Commission, which resulted in hundreds of millions of unpaid fees for organizing gambling,” the minister explained.

“From now on, it is very likely to issue an act establishing public receivables to be handed over to gambling operators and set off production the finance minister also said of the amounts due but not paid.

At the same time, it became clear that according to lawyers the businessman is currently checking the collection of antique items from the Thrace Foundation, bTV reported.

Among them are hundreds of priceless artifacts that are stored under special conditions.

From others real estate or collections of Bozhkov’s paintings are being exported.

Sofia, Bulgaria


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