Tesla Model Y gets greater reach and comes over 500 kilometers on one charge


Tesla has his last quarterly figures from last year. It not only states that the car manufacturer has made another profit, but also a surprise about the upcoming Model Y.

At the end of last year, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, already announced that the production for the fourth model of the brand, the Model Y, was ahead of schedule. That seems to be the case now, because the manufacturer says that the first Model Ys will be delivered in April of this year. However, that does not apply to the Netherlands. The first Model Ys are expected to appear in our country in 2021.


Other news is in the reach of the car. Where it was first communicated that the Model Y (Long Range) could run 450 kilometers on a full load, that has been adjusted upwards to 505 kilometers. Remarkably, the American and Dutch Tesla websites report the same reach, although they are based on different standards: the EPA and WLTP standards.

The Performance version of the Model Y comes 480 kilometers away, has a top speed of 241 km / h and sprints from a standstill to the 100 km / h within 3.7 seconds. The Long Range does the same in 5.1 seconds and stops accelerating at 217 km / h. Later there will also be a Standard Range version of the Model Y.


The Model Y is currently being built in the American plant in Fremont. That car, together with the Model 3, must ensure that 500,000 cars roll off the tire this year. Tesla’s new car is also being built in the new Gigafactory in Shanghai, but it is currently closed due to the Corona virus. Tesla is also busy building a factory in Germany. The brand expects the first cars from that production site to roll off the tire in 2021.

Moreover, with these quarterly figures, Tesla has a scoop: for the first time in history, it makes a profit in two consecutive quarters. That was of course mainly due to the high demand for Model 3s: in total, the manufacturer built 86,958 of those cars in the last three months of 2019.


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