Syrian soldiers caught a militant witnessed by the White Helmet’s provocation preparation


Syrian soldiers captured a militant witness that the White Helmet organization, known for its chemical attack provocations, was preparing for a new chemical attack provocation.

Center for Reconciliation of the Parties in Syria, White Helmets He released a video in which a militant who witnessed the new provocation preparation of his organization was questioned by the Syrian army soldiers.

According to the video, Abu Hamza named militant, Kefer Hamra He was obliged to protect the warehouses in his city. Militant said that he saw the White Helmets, who introduced themselves as charities but known for their chemical attack provocations, had just arrived at the warehouse.

Militant, “I don’t know what’s hiding in the warehouse. They came with a van some time ago. They loaded boxes with gray containers, rocket parts, and shells. They also bought shooting equipment ” said.

Abu Hamza also stated that due to the clashes, he was taken to the front in the Rasidin-4 region in the southwest of Aleppo, where he fought in the ranks of Ceyş-ül Osman. He disappeared because he did not know the area in question, and was later captured by Syrian soldiers.

Russia’s Center for Reconciliation in Syria announced that representatives of militants and White Helmets were making preparations for a provocation that would use chemicals in Syria.

President of the Syrian Human Rights Network Ahmed Kazım to organize provocation for members of the White Helmet organization IdlibHe said he was going to.


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