Svetlana Guscherova accepted the challenge and showed herself without makeup (Photo)


Photo: Instagram / Svetlana Gushcherova

A few days ago, the beautiful Nicole Stankulova rebelled against the tendency among social network users to upload their flawless pictures, maintaining the illusion that they were not just people, but real “internet deities” who had no shortcomings.

Then the weather girl expressed her opinion that one should bet on their natural beauty, albeit with small imperfections, which in principle it tries to cover up with makeup or image processing programs. It has challenged all ladies on the Internet, including the popular, to upload their photos without makeup or extra filters, she writes.

Without embarrassment, she set an example, sharing her selfies in an absolutely natural way. Her provocation not only spread in all platforms, but also met with mass approval. As a result, in just 3 days, countless girls joined in the kind of “#quantifiable” movement.

The challenge was also accepted by Svetlana Guscherova, who is one of the women who looks good. As a story in her personal Instagram account, she uploaded a photo that had no trace of lipstick, eyeliner, spiral, etc.

“Here is the result when I erase my makeup. Even without it, I do not part with my smile, because it is the best makeup a girl can wear! I like it in my skin too,” reads the message to her post.

Nicole Stankulova replied to the playground with gratitude.

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