Stilian in Brussels for a battle with cancer


Stiliyan Petrov. Photo: Archive

Stilian Petrov is one of the speakers during the EU anti-cancer event on February 4, the former captain of our national team announced in a tweet.

“It will be an honor for me to share my story in the battle with this disease,” Stan wrote on the social network.

Petrov has overcome the acute form of leukemia and the disease is in remission.

Last month, Stilian also released a motivational video for others with cancer.

Petrov also congratulated the Aston Villa boys, who qualified for the League Cup final after winning the 2-1 draw in the Leicester Championship.

The winning goal scored Trezzegue in the added time of the match.

So the Birmingham team secured a Wembley match, most likely against Manchester City, which won as a away team at the United Derby and last night was the second match.

Indiana Vassilev was not in the Villa group. (24 hours)

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