Specialists denounce that the Paraguayan State is in the hands of drug trafficking


MONTEVIDEO (Sputnik) – The recent escape of 75 highly dangerous prisoners from a prison in Paraguay shows that the State is “captured” by criminal organizations, while several police, politicians, prosecutors and judges have been “bought” by the drug trafficking, two specialists on the subject denounced Sputnik.

“The escape of prisoners shows that the authorities are corrupted; they receive money to allow certain illegalities within the system … Who are the ones that are bought? They are police, prosecutors, judges and members of the prison system,” he told the latter. agency criminologist Juan Martens, who has been studying the First Capital Command (PCC) criminal organization for ten years.

On January 19, 75 prisoners considered of “high danger”, because the majority are members of the PCC, escaped from the Pedro Juan Caballero prison, located in eastern Paraguay, near the border with Brazil.
The prisoners dug in the bathroom of a cell a tunnel of approximately 15 meters of extension; However, the authorities admitted that most of them escaped through the prison door.

The Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pérez, who had already denounced the existence of an escape plan in mid-December 2019, admitted that the measures taken to prevent evasion were not enough.

The executive secretary of the Human Rights Coordinator of Paraguay (Codehupy), lawyer Óscar Ayala, told Sputnik that the escape of prisoners shows that there is a “decomposition process at the state level.”

“Corruption has permeated to the point that it has made the regular operation of prisons impossible … there are evidences, which are public knowledge, that link members of Congress, the Judiciary and the Police in relation to the corruption. “

Ayala recalled that Deputy Ulises Quintana is being prosecuted for links to drug trafficking and that former Cynthia Tarragó was arrested in the United States by agents of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) for being part of an international money laundering scheme.

Prison system

For his part, Martens, a doctor of Criminology, said that the evidence leaks that criminal organizations use jail as a “desk” to perform “operations.”
“The state does not represent an obstacle to the realization of the plans and businesses of the CCP,” he said.

Martens and Ayala pointed out that the escape is not the first case that shows that the drug trafficking has captured the Paraguayan authorities; The specialists set an example of the PCC’s escape in 2018 from a maximum security prison; the mutiny in the prison of San Pedro, in which ten people died, and the evasion of a narco leader during an armed operation in downtown Asunción.


Paraguay is the second leading producer of marijuana in Latin America after Mexico and is the country that most produces this substance in South America, Martens said.

In addition, it is the country through which the largest amount of cocaine enters the region, through which it is possible to easily reach the port of Santos (Brazil), said the specialist.

“I think that because of its strategic location and the institutional fragility it has, Paraguay is central to drug trafficking in South America,” he said.

Martens said the government is “failing”, since airspace is not monitored and there are a thousand kilometers of border that do not have any control.
The PCC is a criminal group that emerged in the prison of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo in 1990 and has been operating in Paraguay for several years.

The organization is engaged in drug and arms trafficking, especially in border regions, and also theft of cargo and fuel smuggling.


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