Sooi de C. receives 22 years in jail for ‘cowardly liquidation’ from Hugo van Houten


Sooi de C. has to be in jail for 22 years in Den Bosch for the murder of Hugo van Houten. In August 2015, the Tilburger riddled Van Houten with bullets near a holiday park in Molenschot. Earlier the public prosecutor called the murder “a cold and cowardly liquidation in the criminal circuit”. Van Houten was shot several times in the back and, once he was on the floor, twice in the head.

Sooi de C. was sentenced to eighteen years in 2017. At that time, the judge found that he was guilty of the murder of Van Houten. Both De C. and the judicial authorities appealed against the sentence. Justice found the punishment for a murder in the criminal circuit far too low. A motive has never become clear, but the two have both been members of motorcycle club No Surrender.

The C. said nothing during the 2017 trial. He used his right to remain silent. He did speak during the appeal. He said that not him, but someone else was responsible for the murder.

He would have been there and said he would have dragged the body. He did not dare say who the other person was. According to C., this was too risky for himself and for his family. The judges then wondered out loud whether the other person really existed.

Pregnant girlfriend
The victim, Hugo van Houten, lived in Capelle aan de IJssel. He spent the summer vacation of 2015 at De Linberg campsite in Molenschot. His pregnant girlfriend was with him on the same campsite. The victim and Sooi de C. knew each other and had an appointment, but it got completely out of hand.

On August 17, Van Houten was fired up close at Broekstraat in Molenschot. According to research, he was first shot at and then run after 250 meters. He probably fell over, after which the shooter, Sooi de C., shot him in the head with two bullets. Van Houten died on the spot.

The shooting was close to Gilze-Rijen Air Base. So there were two witnesses who heard the shots and went to look. They saw the car of the victim and the car of the shooter. The police investigation eventually led to the 42-year-old Tilburger Sooi de C. He had fled. A TV call, a place on the national investigation list and a European arrest warrant followed. The C. was eventually found in Romania. He was arrested in October 2016 and brought to the Netherlands.


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