Some Android smartphones are now harder to hack than iPhone – News


Regularly there is information about the desire of various government agencies and organizations to have easy access to the content of mobile devices used for criminal purposes. One of the demands of the US in particular is for technology companies to allow backdoor access to data, which would make the encryption application meaningless.

In most cases, in the US, authorities seek access to devices primarily from Apple, as they are most popular there. A new Vice poll, however, shows that the government seems to be doing quite well with the company’s cracking of smartphone protection without its help. Android models, on the other hand, are experiencing increasing difficulty in this regard.

According to Detective Rex Kisser, who runs digital forensics, a year ago, iPhone penetration was virtually impossible, at the expense of easy access to Android devices. However, hacking most devices with the Google operating system is now impossible.

According to Vice, Cellebrite, one of the most famous cell phone penetration companies, has a tool that handles all iPhone models up to iPhone X (including). In this way, they can gain access to location records, messages, conversation list and app-specific data such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

On the other hand, the Cellebrite tool has had much less success breaking Android encryption in some popular models. Examples include the inability to retrieve social media data, browsing history and GPS data from devices such as Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9. In practice, the Huawei P20 Pro did not receive any data.

Of course, investigative bodies have other tools at their disposal that may be more successful, but the process is more complicated and takes more time and resources. According to Vice sources, even the latest devices like the iPhone 11 Pro Max can be cracked. However, the release concludes that Android is already a better alternative in terms of data protection.

Source: Vice


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