Signed to the prosecutor’s office for the death of a newborn baby at a Montana hospital


Parents have reported to the Montana prosecutor’s office the death of their newborn child. The baby died just two days after birth. The hospital still does not say the cause of the bereaved family’s death.

A healthy baby boy is born at Montana Multipurpose Hospital on January 23 in the afternoon. For two days everything is fine, but during the night against the third something happens, as a result of which the child rests.

The young family is from Vratsa, but mother Isabella Petrova decided to give birth in Montana because she heard many good things and feedback about the doctors at the local hospital. Her pregnancy was normal and her doctor was the head of the maternity ward Zahari Nikolov.


When she is in pain, her doctor sends her to the hospital where she is admitted. Doctors decide to have a birth with a section because there is no disclosure.

The baby is born healthy and lively, weighing 3500 grams and 50 centimeters high. Doctors did not tell the mother about any health problems, and on the second day, Isabella saw her child after birth.

“His hand was ice cold and trembling,” remembers the mother, who asked the doctors if it was normal and they responded positively.

In the evening, the child returned to his crib, but the sisters took no measures to straighten it and burp it, Isabella says, and a little later in the night the child rests.


“No one notifies us. It happens between 12:30 and 1:00. No one has informed her (the mother) that the child has gotten worse and has some health problems, “says father Petar Tsvetanov.

A cardiologist and pediatrician are called at night because the child has gotten worse, but no one notifies the mother, who is in the next room. At 9:00 the next morning, the mother learns that the child is fighting for her life.

“How three days after birth is our child in healthy children and then dies?”, The relatives of the grieving parents ask and want to find out why the child was not transported to Sofia after it got worse.

“It’s too early for statements. A committee has been formed to review the case, including any deviations from medical standards. The results of the histological examination are awaiting, which will be ready in no less than 20 days. ” This is what the Stamen Iliev Hospital in Montana says.

Parents want to get justice and if a medical mistake is made, doctors should be deprived of their rights so as not to harm other children.


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