Russian military doctors saved the life of an RT reporter in Syria


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The Russian Defense Ministry said today, Thursday, that Russian military doctors saved the life of “RT” correspondent Wafaa Shibroni, who was wounded in Syria.

“According to the orders of Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu, the military doctors of the Russian Forces Group in Syria arrived immediately at the city of Hama, where Wafaa Shibroni was transferred, to advise their Syrian colleagues,” the statement said.

On the same evening, a Russian transport helicopter was sent with a team of military doctors to Hama from the Hmeimim Air Force Base.

“After providing emergency medical care in the city of Hama, Wafa Shibroni, accompanied by Russian military doctors, was transferred to Hmeimim Air Force Base. Yesterday night, Shubroni received a comprehensive treatment, in addition to two courses of telemedicine with prominent specialists at the SM Academy” Kirova “Military. The main military hospital NN Pordenko”.

Military doctors assessed al-Shibroni’s difficult, stable condition.

An issue being sent to Russia “to provide high medical care in a medical institution” is being studied.

Shibroni was wounded yesterday by a landmine in the Syrian city of Ma`rat al-Numan.


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