‘Robin Hood’ was seen in Elazig, hit by the earthquake: Distributing money and erasing market debts


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It was seen in Elazığ, which was hit by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake, which went to various districts of Istanbul, leaving money in the envelope at the door of low-income families and paying market debts. The business man, referred to as Robin Hood, provided money to the earthquake victims whose houses were damaged in the city center and villages, and closed their grocery debts.

After the 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Sivrice, where 41 people lost their lives in Elazig, many institutions and organizations provided assistance to the half-row, earthquake survivors of the citizens.

The businessperson distributing money to the citizens in the slums in Istanbul distributed the envelopes and food boxes with a thousand TL to 500 families with low income in the villages of Sürsürü in the city center and in the village of Kızıltepe.

The philanthropic business man, known as ‘Robin Hood’, went to the neighborhood and village grocery stores and closed the debts of those who could not pay their debts in the debt book for a long time. The businessman, who distributed 200 TL of pocket money to children, also bought 5 ovine and 3 bovine animals to Cahide Erdağ, who lost his groom, uncle and neighbor in the earthquake.
It was learned that the business person was distributing together with many people as in Istanbul.

‘Food and beverage aid’

Cahide Erdağ, who was donated by the philanthropist, said that he lost his groom, brother-in-law and neighbor in the earthquake and said, “The philanthropist came here. He gave money in the envelope, helped food and drink. Put 5 in me, gave 3 beefs”.

Ahmet Ardıç said, “A man has paid my debt, I have no debt to the market. May Allah be pleased with him. I am very glad. I have 5 lira in my pocket only, how can I not be happy. I have been living here for about 27 years”.

‘He went to the homes of the citizens in earthquake and helped’

Metin Balalan, the owner of the market where the philanthropist first went and erased all debts in the tax book, said: “A philanthropist came to our store to give the debts of the earthquake victims. Our market also opened our book to the taxpayer and said ‘I want to pay the debts’. He went to the homes of the citizens and helped. God bless him. ”

‘He paid approximately 6 thousand TL in debt’

Mehmet Ünal, who is a tradesman in the neighborhood, said, “A philanthropist has deleted his debts here.


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