“Rivals don’t use Hamilton’s weak spots,” Alonso says


The numbers don’t lie: Lewis Hamilton has won 84 Grands Prix, achieved 88 pole positions and was on the podium 151 times. He can take his seventh world title this year and thus match Michael Schumacher’s record. Although these numbers are impressive, Hamilton is just a human. And people make mistakes.

Points to that ‘human’ aspect Fernando Alonso in conversation with F1 Racing. “Lewis has taken a step. He is more competitive, better prepared. But he still has weaknesses that nobody really uses. Nobody presses the right buttons, the right weak spots,” the Spaniard says, which, incidentally, is of the opinion that Hamilton dominates mainly through his car. The two-time world champion fought the Briton often enough in his own F1 career. The two outspoken riders were teammates at McLaren for a short time and that caused a lot of tensions.

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Although Hamilton’s current teammate at Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas, who fought back last year after a tough period in which he received a lot of criticism and won no races, he misses that little bit extra to make it really difficult for Hamilton when it comes to the world title. There won’t be any psychological games either, Bottas is not in favor of a Rosberg approach. “Lewis has pushed its limits in recent years, especially in 2019 when the car was not as dominant as before,” concludes Alonso. “If he cannot win, he will always be close behind as number two. He will not fall behind by twenty seconds, which happens a bit at Valtteri. The weekends that the car is not that competitive, Bottas will be fifth or sixth or one minute behind. That does not apply to Lewis. “

Alonso is particularly curious about how Hamilton would perform if he came under pressure from his opponents for an entire season. “If you’re one point behind, or ten, the stress is different. Every mistake is different and communication on the radio is different too. We need to see it under pressure. If you study the Lewis season, you see a common trend: he starts the year calmly and nobody uses it.It would be nice to fight him in a fair duel, but maybe his weaknesses are not real and everything is taken into account. to discover that. “


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