Prosecutor’s Office: Bozhkov offered BGN 10,000 a day to withdraw competitor licenses


Vasil Bozhkov offered BGN 10,000 per day to an employee of the Gambling Commission to withdraw licenses of competing companies, but the offer was rejected. This was made clear by a briefing by the prosecution and police in connection with the action against Bozhkov, which has been running since yesterday.

The businessman was charged with 7 and a European arrest warrant was issued.

Bozhkov announced in a telephone interview with bTV that he is in a Balkan country that is not a member of the European Union and is afraid to return to Bulgaria.

Prosecutor General Spokesman Siika Mileva said five people were indicted and four were indicted. The fifth is charged with a criminal misconduct – this is the former chairman of the Gambling Commission.

You can hear the whole briefing here:

“The prosecution knows who it is against. The prosecution knows that this gambling empire has extremely large financial resources and knows that it will protect them, including through you,” said a spokesman for the attorney general.

According to her, the losses for the state budget amount to BGN 500 million, which is a Christmas bonus for every pensioner for 10 years.

Many paintings were seized in the apartment inhabited by Vasil Bozhkov, and during the search of the casino – BGN 400 thousand. Antique items will also be seized from the office of the desolate, using the assistance of experts from the Ministry of Culture.

The director of the State Financial Inspection Agency (PIFI) Georgi Nachev confirmed that the checks revealed that no more than half a billion levs had been received in the state budget. According to Nachev, the amount may increase, provided that the information submitted to them is different from the reality. The Gambling Commission has not implemented administrative and criminal responsibility for registering the fees, he said. Nacheva added that the information from the inspection was provided to the CPCAPE, the Minister of Finance.

Prosecutor Ventsislav Ferdinandov, reminder of the case, reminded that half of the property could be seized for the charges against Vasil Bozhkov.

He also said that many people who won lottery games were not likely to exist at all.


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