Professor: ‘A hotel that does not want Frisian is working stupidly’ – Friesland


The leisure sector, 7.1 percent of the Frisian economy, must embrace Frisian. With that there is an immediate answer to the erosion of Frisian in other sectors.

A hotel owner who does not want Frisian in his business is stupid. Prof. Goffe Jensma, professor of Frisian language and literature, said this on Tuesday in the Science Café. It is just as stupid as the museum director who does not want Frisian referral signs, Jensma went on referring to the Fries Museum.

Cold fair

His foreign students researched the use of Frisian in the Frisian Museum and came home from a cold fair. ,, Tourists are looking for individuality, something they cannot find anywhere else. The Frisian language can play a role here. “” Agriculture used to be the carrier of the Frisian language, but that sector has been pushed back so that other opportunities must be explored, Jensma said.

He said he was optimistic about survival. Frisian has been pushed back as a home language, but in 2018 90 percent of the population still said they understood it, 70 percent said it was reasonable, about 60 percent could read it, but only 17 percent could write it. The latter is the weakness of Frisian, says Jensma.

Happy with curriculum

The professor, who explained that two years ago his own chair would almost be closed to make way for a chair in sociolinguistics, said he was happy with the Frisian curriculum that requires all schools to meet the objectives for Frisian education by 2030. “Because whoever writes, learns to visualize and learns words much faster.”

He said he did not understand that all other languages ​​are properly taught in schools, but Frisian is left to the free market. “Then you abandon your own population.” It is also important that the cultural world is facilitated to use Frisian.

It went well at his university in Groningen, according to Jensma. The University now has a Frisian-speaking chairman, a Frisian-speaking rector and a Frisian-speaking dean.


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