Ordering on your mobile the end of the bartender?


“I saw it at Lowlands last year and thought: that’s what I want for here too. It’s ideal, so you don’t have to queue up and you can better spend your time enjoying the music,” says director Gijs de Louw from music venue De Pul against EditieNL.

The pop stage starts as a test. “We are curious to know what visitors think. But people can still just pay with coins, it is not a replacement.”

Speed ​​and ease

The pop venue is certainly not the first place where you can order with an app or order column. “We have noticed that order pillars and order apps for tableting are booming, especially in the last year,” says Leon Besselink, director of Next to Food, a company that supplies this type of pillars and apps.

“There is a great need for speed and convenience among consumers. People are less likely to be hunted in this way,” says Besselink. He thinks it takes the pressure off the staff of many hospitality businesses. “There was often a shortage, but if customers can order in this way, staff can focus on making food and delivering instead of paying and taking orders. And people spend more thanks to such an order column.”

No brake

There is therefore an increasing need for ordering via mobile phones or tablets, according to consumer psychologist Patrick Wessels. “It is becoming increasingly popular. A young target group in particular needs it,” he says. “Waiting for our order, especially when going out or if you want a quick bite, is a major irritation. It’s great that these innovations take that away.”

But there are also disadvantages to that. “There is no stopping in terms of payments. If beers are automatically written from your account, you have absolutely no sense of what you spend.” That, of course, suits the hospitality industry again. “The biggest advantage for them is that sales are rising.”


The end of the bartender does not see the consumer psychologist happening so quickly, not even with this type of technology. “It is becoming increasingly impersonal. You will get a counter-movement from people who want to be personally helped by a waiter or host. Just like people who do not like shopping online and choose to go to a specialist store where they are well served.”


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